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Mention: Radio 4 Netherlands

A mainstream "classical" music radio station in Holland has picked up on DarwinTunes and has an article about us entitled "De muziekgeschiedenis volgens Darwin".

200 generations have elapsed on the public channel

Big thanks to all who have listened to and rated loops. We'll keep it going for a bit longer - probably until the New Year (before moving it to Evolectronica, maybe adding some drum samples into the evolutionary toolbox).

I (Bob) think it's sounding great and, remember, I have not done any ratings at all.

Photo: brianjmatis

27k update - more complexity

The Slashdot story was submitted a few days ago. More recent audio snippets available here...

more fireworks
It seems we have more complexity now, as hoped for.

Audio snapshot (flash player):

25k update

We're chugging along nicely past the 25k milestone. Will we hear some changes in complexity during the next 5k ratings?

Audio snapshot (flash player):