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At 5k milestone, sounding a lot better

We're speeding along now, thanks to all your efforts. Five thousand ratings and going strong - all kinds of interesting things going on now.

Oops! missed the 3k milestone, here's the 3.5k update

We must have been sleeping while the 3k milestone was passed. Anyway, we're awake now and here's a medley of the better loops after 3500 ratings. Good work everyone, you deserve a glass of the fizzy stuff...

Mention: Birmingham Science News Examiner

Paul Hamaker has written an article about DarwinTunes.

One quote of interest: "If Simon Cowell is listening there is money to be made here."

2000 ratings and rising...

Big celebrations here at DarwinTunes HQ... We have now reached the 2k milestone on the public channel. Thanks to all who are taking part. Click on the button below to hear a selection of the better tunes (picked by Bob).

A natural selection of Tweets

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