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DarwinTunes game retiring soon

We're very grateful for the generosity of Imperial College London for hosting the servers that breed your DarwinTunes and generate their audio. Sadly this arrangement may soon come to an end and we will be closing down the game, taking a break and hopefully coming back with something bigger and better.

And we're back!

The DarwinTunes tune breeding game is back!

Here's what it sounded like before you got involved:

Powered by Imperial College London

Thanks to generous support from Imperial College London DarwinTunes now runs on its server farm. This means we can run the game/experiment for the foreseeable future, and we can scale up quite easily if things get busy. Massive thanks to the ICT guys who made it happen!

You can play the new game at

Live stream closing down

After 8700 generations on the main stream and 2600 generations on the "with beats" stream, it's time to call it a day, for now...

If you helped with the project, we are very grateful, THANK YOU!

We are busy working on the next incarnation of DarwinTunes so please stay tuned to the Facebook and Twitter streams for news on the latest developments.

PNAS paper out now

It took a little while, but we wrote up the experiment and here is the open access article. Enjoy!