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370 generations

Still sounding interesting, but no massive developments it seems.

Here are four hand-picked loops at 370 generations (66k ratings):

Update: 350 and 360 generations

Happy New Year to everyone!

Here are just four hand-picked loops at 350 generations (64k ratings):

And the same for 360 generations (65k ratings):

340 generations

finish line
I'm not suggesting that we've finished with this population of loops yet, but it does feel like things are drawing to a close. Also, the person crossing the line has a 34 on her shirt.

Here are just four hand-picked loops at 340 generations (63k ratings):

330 generations

We're racking up around 1000 ratings per day, which isn't bad for the holiday period. Thanks everyone!

Here's the 330 generation, 62k ratings taster:

Audio snapshots: 310 and 320 generations

Here's a 310 generation, 60k ratings taster:

And here's the 320 generation 61k ratings taster: