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9k update

It doesn't sound like there have been any major new traits emerging in the last few generations, but it still sounds pretty good. You can't rush evolution...

8k update

No picture or commentary this time, other than it's sounding good!

The student experiment has finished

Massive thanks to all the students who took part - 31,000 ratings were received. Each population did around 75 generations. We'll report back with some sounds in about a week's time.

If you've got a minute or two to help with the public experiment (it continues for a little longer), we're very grateful for your time.

7k update: sounds a bit like ...

Actually we're not going to tell you which "real" artist we think it sounds like - it might bias your ratings!

6k ratings: pleasing new traits appear

We had 1000 visits to the site yesterday, things are hotting up. The sounds are hotting up too, we have a nice new "bubbling" element in the mid-range background, and generally a bit more melody all round. To anyone who suffered at the beginning (being random notes, sounds and rhythms, it was pretty awful!), now is the time to come back and hear what you helped create.