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475 generations, the end is nigh

We've decided to formally end the experiment at 500 generations, but don't worry, we'll keep some populations, including this one, running until next year (when we start a new experiment).

Here's the state of play at 475 generations (82k ratings):

DarwinTunes medley at 475 generations on

456 generations

We missed the 450 generation milestone, but to compensate for that, here is a better audio player, courtesy of

DarwinTunes medley at 456 generations by uncoolbob

425 generations

Just a quick update, for the record...

Here are four hand-picked loops at 425 generations (75.5k ratings):

400 generation mega mix

A big milestone deserves a picture. This one is marking the 400th ring on a section of tree (which lived over 500 years).

Anyway, we've also prepared an extended (2m48s) mega medley to show off some of the fine music being evolved at the 400 generation (70k ratings) mark.

380 generations

The second loop in the medley sounds really cool!

Here are four hand-picked loops at 380 generations (67.5k ratings):