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Mention: New Scientist CultureLab

You have the power to make music... evolve

In depth article covering the technology and check out the original artwork!

14k update

So we've raced past 14k and I can hardly keep up. Did find time to find a photo though...

100 generations and 12k ratings

A special extended mix (below) to mark the big occasion. Why isn't it 120 generations from 12k? Well sometimes people are rating at the same time (just now there are around eight simultaneous listeners) and we take the average rating from those. No time for a picture today, sorry!

10k milestone reached

The algorithm has received 10,000 ratings on the public channel - take a listen using the button below. Thanks everyone. Is it too much to ask for another 10k? Next update at 12k...

First DarwinTunes remix to debut on the geek pop xmas podcast

We've just heard from the geek pop crew that our Coventry Carol remix will appear on their Christmas podcast. Many thanks to CiggiBurns for the lovely vocal!