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Season's Greetings

Darwin Claus
Ho ho ho...

Things are quietening down now as the holiday season is now in full swing.

Armand and I wish you a happy few computer-free days!

Image attribution: bruce_mcadam found on sprixi.

300 generations!

Here are just four hand-picked loops at 300 generations (58.6k ratings):

Or download from the "attachment" link below.

But to hear the full breadth of musical wonderment and diversity, you need to connect to the live stream - just click on participate.

Mention: Music, Evolution and Man

Here's our most glowing write-up so far. Marc Freedman liked what he heard and my favourite quote is "It’s not much of a leap to imagine music like this (though far calmer) doled out in Orwell’s 1984 as aural pablum to control the masses."

It's thought-provoking and well worth a read.

Mention: Darwin Awards website

I thought maybe our experiment had died in an embarrassing accident, but no, the Darwin Awards website has a list of evolution-related stories and we're currently on the front page.

275 generations

I think the intertwining melodies have disappeared! Could this be because we don't have lots of simultaneous listeners any more? (Which provide nice "smooth" fitness values.) After the holidays, we'll pull out the best of the best loops (for example, an average score better than 4 (I like it) from 10 or more raters) and make those available.

Click on the flash player button below to hear an extended selection of hand-picked loops at 275 generations (54.5k ratings):