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260 generations

No commentary for this update!

Click on the flash player button below to hear an extended selection of hand-picked loops at 260 generations (52.6k ratings):

250 generations: heavenly mega mix

Wow, it really is sounding better and better - with counterpoint melodies and everything. Make sure you listen until at least 00:50 (it's 2 minutes long in total). It's lovely at 01:17 too.

DarwinTunes medley at 250 generations on

An extended selection of hand-picked loops at 250 generations (50.4k ratings):

Audio snapshots at 30k, 39k, 47k & 49k

Catching up on the audio snapshots here at DarwinTunes HQ after the Slashdot deluge. Sorry for the big gaps - I had to sleep...

After 30k: After 39k: After 47k: After 49k:

Mention: Slashdotted!

We've just managed to get the site back on its feet after a slashdotting. We've had up to 80 simultaneous listeners on the public channel, and we're racing past 30k ratings. 32k now! 220 generations.

The server generating the music is having a bit of trouble keeping up, so from time to time, you may hear the same 8 loops for 5 minutes or so. Sorry about that.

28k ratings, 209 generations

thank you cake
It seems like the East-Asian harmonies that appeared a few generations back have been selected against. (I didn't comment on them at the time because I didn't want to influence your ratings.)

Just imagine what we could do if we had 100 people on all the time, 10 different populations, and some intelligent way to move listeners between channels.

Audio snapshot (flash player):