Who are we?

DarwinTunes has been developed at Imperial College London and Queen Mary University of London as a collaboration between:

Bob MacCallum

Bob is a bioinformaticist in the Laboratory of Immunogenomics at Imperial College London. During the day he creates genomic research tools for the insect disease vector community (e.g. malaria, dengue...), and also uses evolutionary algorithms to unlock the secrets of gene regulation in these organisms. By night he is consumed by an evil, creative genius, and toils away at DarwinTunes and other projects.

Armand Leroi

Armand is Professor of Evolutionary Developmental Biology at Imperial College London. He studies the worm, Caenorhabditis elegans and its relatives in order to understand how they grow and age. He is particularly interested in the role of metabolism in shaping life-history. He also does TV series about evolution and genetics — most recently for the BBC and National Geographic, and he’s writing a book about Aristotle’s biology.

Matthias Mauch

Audio programming, bots and more, QMUL.

Steve Welburn

Web programming and infrastructure management.

After 18 years in commercial IT, Steve went back to college and got an MSc in Intelligent Systems from UCL, which led him into a PhD at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London - during which he was part of the C4DM Presents team. Since then, he has been a Research Assistant at Queen Mary working on the JISC research data management programme and is now a Research Consultant in IT Services at Queen Mary.

Carl Bussey

Web programming, QMUL.

Contact us

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