Mention: Radio 4 Netherlands

A mainstream "classical" music radio station in Holland has picked up on DarwinTunes and has an article about us entitled "De muziekgeschiedenis volgens Darwin".


Here's a Google (corrected by

Here's a Google (corrected by human) translation of the Dutch radio-times piece: our songs copulate and make immortal music! Sounds good to me.

Scientists think of the most wonderful things to study. Thus two English researchers asked what happens when you apply Darwin's evolutionary theory to music. They were inspired by the principle of mutation: each animal has slightly different properties than its parents, by random changes in its genes. Furthermore they used Darwin's natural slogan: "Survival of the fittest". The British scientists began their research with a number of computer-tunes – they call them Adam-and-Eva-songs. The computer “mates” them with each other. The children have features of Mom and Pop, but also a few new, random mutations. Some such notes are longer than their "parents", or have a different pitch. And then: Survival of the fittest: Internetters can choose their favourite children on a website. The best songs copulate. And so the process continues. The researchers describe musical practise like this: "A thousand popbands try things out in their garage. Most numbers do not survive, but some melodies are immortal."