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Raising the complexity bar

As we approach 25,000 ratings we've noticed that the complexity of the music has not increased much lately. Looking at genome size vs. evolutionary time, we saw that we're hitting a technical limit that we imposed at the beginning of the experiment, namely that no individual genome tree should have more than 5000 nodes (a node is roughly equivalent to a nucleotide base in biology). This limit ensured that we had enough compute resources to keep four channels running simultaneously.

20k update

I managed to wake up just in time to catch the 20k milestone! Although I am obviously getting desperate for relevant pictures... How does it sound? Still pretty good to my ears. Difficult to say if there have been any major advances since 16k though. What do you think? (Write on the Facebook wall or tweet us @darwintunes.)

Audio snapshot (flash player):

16k update

Will I be able to sleep tonight, or will I be doing these updates all night long?

For an audio snapshot, click the player button.

Mention: Brian's cool stuff

Big up to Brian, who has blogged about our experiment thingy.

My favourite quote is "...a brief description of it, [but] dont watch the video!! its terrible!!"

Doesn't he know we sweated blood to make that video?

Mention: Survival of the hippest @

Here's something from Nice article guys! You almost convergently evolved the tagline to our sister site Evolectronica: "survival of the funkiest".