DarwinTunes in the media

Mention: sammyhilbertspaess blog

Mention: SciFoo writeup at New Scientist culturelab

Jo Marchant was in Mountain View listening to Armand's talk.

Mention: Music, Evolution and Man

Here's our most glowing write-up so far. Marc Freedman liked what he heard and my favourite quote is "It’s not much of a leap to imagine music like this (though far calmer) doled out in Orwell’s 1984 as aural pablum to control the masses."

It's thought-provoking and well worth a read.

Mention: Darwin Awards website

I thought maybe our experiment had died in an embarrassing accident, but no, the Darwin Awards website has a list of evolution-related stories and we're currently on the front page.

Mention: Slashdotted!

We've just managed to get the site back on its feet after a slashdotting. We've had up to 80 simultaneous listeners on the public channel, and we're racing past 30k ratings. 32k now! 220 generations.

The server generating the music is having a bit of trouble keeping up, so from time to time, you may hear the same 8 loops for 5 minutes or so. Sorry about that.