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DarwinTunes bills itself as a “test tube for cultural evolution.” It’s an online experiment being run by researchers at Imperial College London. We often talk about the evolution of social media or cultural memes – but is that just a metaphor, or is it really evolution?

1000 ratings on the public channel

We're very happy to report that the general public has, to date, provided over 1000 ratings for the DarwinTunes experiment. The music has really started to get interesting, with some complex rhythms and sounds.

You can hear a snapshot of some hand-picked "good" loops after 1000 ratings by clicking on the button below.

Experiment #1 has started

The public channel was reset yesterday and the private student channels were started this morning at 7am.

A big thank you from us to everyone who takes part!

You can hear a snapshot of some hand-picked "good" loops from the initial population by clicking on the button below.

Press release: The DarwinTunes Experiment

DarwinTunes - a test-tube for cultural evolution.

In the week that we mark 150 years since Darwin's "On the Origin of Species", students at Imperial College London and members of the public will be taking part in a unique experiment to answer the question "Does culture evolve by natural selection?"

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Our friends at Science So What have a piece about evolution of song and DarwinTunes.