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A new project for 2012

Live on DarwinTunes, a new evolving music stream, this time with drum and percussion sounds.

The tempo is 130bpm and homologous recombination is in force from generation zero.

Here's the link to the music you make just by listening to it... Enjoy!

And here's what it sounded like very early on:

Homologous recombination

We've just enabled homologous recombination on the main channel. This should allow more complex musical structures to evolve...

Mention: sammyhilbertspaess blog

Please help with DarwinTunes data analysis

It's been a year now since we started the DarwinTunes experiment and we've evolved some interesting sounds. Some might even call it music. Right now we're busy analysing the music and its evolutionary history, and we could do with some help! We need to know how good the evolved music is.

Mention: SciFoo writeup at New Scientist culturelab

Jo Marchant was in Mountain View listening to Armand's talk.