Please help with DarwinTunes data analysis

It's been a year now since we started the DarwinTunes experiment and we've evolved some interesting sounds. Some might even call it music. Right now we're busy analysing the music and its evolutionary history, and we could do with some help! We need to know how good the evolved music is. You might think that we already know this from the ratings you gave while evolving it, but these ratings were heavily dependent on the evolutionary context - in other words, at the beginning of the experiment, it all sounded pretty rubbish, but some things sounded a bit better and were rated "OK" or "good". Later on, when things sounded much better in general, these same loops would probably be rated "don't like" or "can't stand". So if you have five minutes to help us rate the loops in an overall context, that would be great.

Here's the link to the survey. It's very easy to do (no iTunes setup or loop numbers to remember). Many thanks!