DarwinTunes in the media

Mention: Radio 4 Netherlands

A mainstream "classical" music radio station in Holland has picked up on DarwinTunes and has an article about us entitled "De muziekgeschiedenis volgens Darwin".

Mention: Brian's cool stuff

Big up to Brian, who has blogged about our experiment thingy.

My favourite quote is "...a brief description of it, [but] dont watch the video!! its terrible!!"

Doesn't he know we sweated blood to make that video?

Mention: Survival of the hippest @ geeks.co.uk

Here's something from geeks.co.uk. Nice article guys! You almost convergently evolved the tagline to our sister site Evolectronica: "survival of the funkiest".

Mention: New Scientist CultureLab

You have the power to make music... evolve

In depth article covering the technology and check out the original artwork!